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Dear BC members, current and old:

Thank you very much for your time, efforts and support, but Broken Crown of Amar is now officially closed.

To say that we will miss you with all our hearts is simply an understatement, and going forward please do not hesitate to contact us and continue communication. As many of you know, BC became a community, and the friendships we made here are nowhere near trivial to us.


The board will remain offline and inaccessible to anyone but admins in order to prevent plagiarism. If you would like your character applications or any of your writing not explicitly linked to the BC canon, feel free to contact Laurel via aim (ailesdeseraphim).

Please do not use any plot points, canon, canon characters, etc. that were and are unique to the Broken Crown of Amar setting in any other capacity. Be respectful of the work you, other members, and the admin team put into two years of cooperative creativity.


Again, thank you so very much and warmest wishes.

- Becca & Laurel
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